Individual Portfolio Review. This intensive, focused, comprehensive, two-hour conversation starts with a review of your work and gauges its effectiveness in communicating what YOU want to say and WHERE you want to go. This conversation will place your work in context, whether that context be Fine Art, commercial, or simply joyous expression. We’ll assess your work’s strengths, weaknesses, most promising venues, and identify imagery that is potentially missing. As with all Ricardo Barros critiques, the conversation will engage issues larger than the photographic medium. Individual Portfolio Reviews are scheduled by appointment, $150.

Mentorship Program.
This year-long mentorship is designed for committed photographers, either individually or in groups, who have a clear idea of where they want to go and what they want to do, but who need a little guidance in actually doing it. We’ll meet on a regular basis, review progress to date, and continuously strategize the most promising next step. Applicants will be  evaluated on the basis of their previous work with Ricardo Barros, on their current portfolio, and on the strength of their passion to learn and grow.  Mentor Fee: $2,500.