I have over twenty years’ experience as a professional photographer in the Philadelphia market/NJ/NY market, including portraits, architecture,  commercial, drone video, and virtual tours.

Portrait photography is about more than rendering likeness, it also reveals something of the person’s values, concerns, and accomplishments. I’ve photographed CEOs, Boards, Chairpersons, Directors and Presidents for The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Princeton University, Drexel University, The Atlantic Foundation, and McCarter Theatre. My favorite compliment of the many I receive is: “That was painless!”

Editorial photography: I have many magazine covers to my credit as an editorial photographer. My goal is to make my clients successful, I make great pictures that produce great results.

Architectural photography must meet the rigid protocol of level and plumb lines while, at the same time, emphasizing beauty in design as well as flow within space. I’ve worked with architects in the Philadelphia and Princeton markets, producing first-class architectural photographs of high-end structures.

Commercial advertising photography expresses a concept with a person, space, or product. The client often knows in advance what the photograph must look like. I’ve made commercial advertising photographs for agencies large and small for national distribution.

I have a passion for the visual aesthetic, see my personal fine art photography.  Eleven museums have acquired my photographs. Let me know what you think!

Ricardo Barros