Photo: Tisa Della-Volpe

Ricardo Barros is a professional photographer and videographer with commercial and fine art clients throughout the United States.  Barros is an FAA licensed sUAS (drone) remote pilot, using a drone to take high quality photographs and video for short documentary films. See a selected list of clients and exhibitions.

His latest work is Riverside Silos, a plein air study of light, shadow and form. Photographed over a six-year period, this project focuses on the industrial landscape immediately outside Barros’ studio. Referring to a set of enormous storage silos he writes: “… the sheer geometry of these forms begs for a study of light, shadow and space. They are as if shaped, wooden blocks in an artist’s studio. They may not have been placed with artistic intent, but these silos now inhabit a still life composition. Not one, but many. Not once, but always.”

Figuring Space  is another, recently completed project. This multi-media presentation consists of photographs, an illustrated book and long-form essay, and a video.  Using the figure as his avatar, Barros explores space as a metaphor. “Until we encounter a boundary, or until it is replaced with something else, space is completely invisible to us,” Barros writes. “We perceive space only when it ends.” Read Doug Wallack’s review here.

Critics have called his award-winning book, Facing Sculpture:  A Portfolio of Portraits, Sculpture and Related Ideas, psychologically honest and complex. Largely self-taught in photography, he is also a curator and a teacher. Upon her review of the book, Magdalena Abakanowicz, one of the sculptors Barros portrayed, responded: “What a superb, unusual book! What a significant work of art … Thank you for this work beyond categories.”

Read Barry Schwabsky’s New York Times review of the Facing Sculpture exhibition at Grounds For Sculpture  here.

Barros’ personal work is in the permanent collection of eleven museums, including:

  • The Smithsonian Museum of American Art
  • Museu de Arte de São Paulo (MASP), Brazil
  • Museu da Imagem e do Som (MIS), Brazil
  • The Philadelphia Museum of Art
  • The Fogg Art Museum
  • The DeCordova Museum

Barros is also a certified umpire with the United States Polo Association.