This virtual tour demonstrates interactive possibilities for a multi-room museum exhibition.

Navigate view by clicking and dragging within image, or by pressing on directional arrows. Zoom with up/down arrows, or mouse scroll. The level icon re-centers view in current direction. Hot spots either advance your virtual location within the view, or provide ancillary media and information.

Alternatively, navigate by selecting node from hamburger menu at top left of screen.

When at Epson printer and facing artwork on wall, notice several interactive options: (1) Pop out large image of artwork; (2) Read curatorial information;  (3) Online access to YouTube video; (4) Online access to Vimeo video; (5) Nude photograph is a polygonal hotspot leading to an external link; (6) To your right, next to large photograph of silos, is a kiosk-mode video from a locally stored file, and (7) Online access to a website.