Dream Wall is the name of a particular sculpture by Hubert Phipps. It is also the title of a new media performance by Hubert Phipps and three artists he invited to collaborate. Jason Crigler wrote an original musical score as Hubert’s sculpture was being fabricated. Samo Okerstrom-Lang activated the sculpture inspired by Hubert’s work and Jason’s composition. And Jeff Grantz led the conversation throughout the collaborative process. Presented below are a suite of videos that document the artwork’s unveiling, provide a behind-the-scenes look at the creative processes, abbreviate the full-length features to two-minute durations, and four sound bites inviting interest from casual viewers.

30-Second Teasers

Hubert Phipps on the medium of expression.

Jason Crigler on music for the moving image.

Samo Okerstrom-Lang on activating this sculpture.

Jeff Grantz on making this project happen.

2-Minute Videos for Social Media

Dream Wall

An abbreviated documentation of the project presentation.

Dream Wall Unveiled

An abbreviated presentation about the artwork from the artists’ perspective.

Feature Presentations

Dream Wall

“While other walls may separate one thing into two, a Dream Wall transforms one thing into another.” With the use of a sculptural canvas, an original musical score, and digital projection mapping, four artists manifest transformation.

Dream Wall Unveiled

The artists’ creative processes are unveiled. A sculptor reaches out to transcend physical limitations; a musician sculpts with metaphors; a digital animator finds inspiration in the natural world; and a ring master coordinates all of their individual efforts.